Started in 1994, today the firm Mr. TV REPAIR is currently the #1 in both Gurgaon and Delhi for providing best and thrifty TV repairing services.

The principles of our work help us to:

Earn our clients trust
Build our reputationx
Attract thousands of individuals and businesses, all of whom (98%) have successfully dealt by experts with our timely and diligent help
tv repair principles

We've always cherished the two pillars which our company has always stood upon:

A Commitment to Excellence

While the yearly number of cases which we take totals to an insurmountable number, unparalleled by any other service providers, our percentage of success is record-breaking too… Just to drop some statistics here,98 out of 100 cases are always successfully solved i.e 98% of our clients are happy by choose

An Urge for Fair Pricing

On par with our commitment to excellence, the second work ethic which we stand by is the fair pricing. While we have the most success cases as opposed to any other service provider in gurgaon, we’ve also got the lowest pricing among them all. That is due to the simple fact, that in our opinion, a decent engineer should charge a price that is nation-wide affordable!

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